Nazi Gold – Still Loads Missing

During the Second World War the Nazis acquired vast amounts of gold to fund their regime and military aims. From countries they invaded/annexed they took: Approximately $71 million from Austria and Czechoslovakia prior to the outbreak of war $223 million from Belgium $193 million from the Netherlands £131 million from Continue Reading

They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance

Union General John Sedgwick was a brave and inspiring figure in the American Civil War. At a skirmish near Spotsylvania Court House, Confederate snipers were causing  problems when he was trying to deploy his men.  The following report by General McMahon who was at his side, describes his unfortunate last conversation: Continue Reading

The Bloodiest Wars

World War II 1939–1945 Worldwide 40,000,000–85,000,000 casualties Mongol conquests 1206–1324 Eurasia 40,000,000 to 70,000,000 casualties Taiping Rebellion 1850–1864 China 20,000,000 to 100,000,000 casualties Conquest of the Americas 1492–1691 Americas 8,400,000 to 137,750,000 casualties Qing dynasty conquest of Ming Dynasty 1616–1662 China 25,000,000 to 25,000,000 casualties Second Sino-Japanese War (Part of World War II) Continue Reading

Mutiny Magnet

After losing the HMS Bounty to the mutiny lead by his former friend Fletcher Christian, in 1789, William Bligh was later (1797) given command of HMS Director which he also lost to mutiny. When he was Governor of New South Wales, Australia (1806-1810), colonists forced Bligh to flee to Tasmania during the Continue Reading