Why are months so weird?

Calendars throughout history have struggled to be logical and maintain synchronism between the lunar cycle (about 29.5 days) and the solar year (about 365.25 days). Most systems include a bodge factor or intercalary months or days to bring things back into line, with varying degrees of accuracy. Sumerian The ancient Continue Reading

Norse Gods nearly every weekday

With the exception of Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the days of the week are named after Norse Gods: Sunday Old English Sunnandæg meaning “Sun’s day”. Monday Old English Mōnandæg meaning “Moon’s day”. Tuesday Old English Tīwesdæg  meaning “Tiw’s day”.  Tiw (Týr in Norse) is a one-handed god associated with law and heroic glory. Continue Reading

Insulting a Viking

Insulting a Viking is comparable to taunting a teenage boy, but with greater consequences. The greatest insult was to suggest that a man was sansorðinn — “used in the position of a female (blauðr) by another man.” The consequence of this could be fullrettirsorð “full penalty,” in which the insulted man could kill Continue Reading