Richard II’s Sausage and Meatball Pie

The Forme of Cury is a cookbook of about 200 recipes written in the 14th Century by “the Chief Master Cooks of Richard II”.

Richard II was an unpopular King but he did like a luxurious lifestyle and taxed the peasants to fund it.  He was eventually deposed and died in captivity, possibly of starvation.

The first printed edition of the Forme of Cury was issued in 1780 by Samuel Pegge and is available on Project Gutenburg.

An interesting recipe is a sausage and meatball pie (possibly rissoles).



Take swyne lyuours and seeþ hem wel, take brede & grate it;
and take yolkes of ayren, & make hit sowple, and do þerto a lytull of lard caruoun lyche a dee, chese gratyd, & white grece, poudour douce & of gynger, & wynde it to balles as grete as apples.

Take þe calle of þe swyne & cast euere by hymself þerin.

Make a crust in a trape, & lay þe balles þerin, & bake it; and whan þey buth ynowy, put þerin a layour of ayren with powdour fort and safroun and serue it forth.

Modern(ish) English

Take swine livers and boil them well, take bread and grate it;
and take yolks of eggs, & make it supple, and do there-to a little lard carved like a dice, cheese grated, & white grease, powder douce & of ginger, & wind it to balls as great as apples.

Take the caul of the swine & cast ever by himself there-in.

Make a crust in a pan, & lay the balls there-in, & bake it; and when they be enough, put there-in a layer of eggs with powder fort and saffron and serve it forth.

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