Draconian Death

In the 7th Century BC, Draco became the first legislator of Athens in Ancient Greece.

His written laws were particularly harsh and it is from this that the adjective Draconian (referring to severe laws or rules) comes from.

It is alleged he died after being suffocated by hats and cloaks thrown on to him by the crowd wishing to congratulate him.

The 10th century suda text records:

An Athenian lawgiver. This man [crossed] to Aegina for lawgiving purposes and was being honoured by the Aeginetans in the theatre, but they threw so many hats and shirts and cloaks on his head that he suffocated, and was buried in that selfsame theatre. He lived in the time of the Seven Sages, or rather was even older than them; at any rate he laid down the laws for the Athenians in the 39th Olympiad, as an old man. He wrote Instructions in three thousand verses.



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